Dudley A. Buck 1927 ~ 1959
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Here is a partial list of MIT students that studied under Dr. Buck
We are pleased to have had correspondence with those in green.  They have contributed to the success of the biography.
last update 01 July 2010

Name, class year, thesis title  
Alzate, B
Avison, D.
Bernstein, M.
Brumby, P. B., Jr.
Campbell, Lawrence
Clark, B. M.
Covington, J. P.
Crawford, Dr. Charles "Chuck" '59
Cramer, W. A.
Cummings, D. E.
Darr, W. J.
Diffey, C. A.
Dowd, J. P.
Dubin, S
Gray, Paul
Hagen, C. R.
Hartley, Miss
Hatfield, D. J.
Hooper, E.B. Jr.
Irwin, E. J.
Kane, G. L.
Kelley, J. W.
Jeffries, J. T.
Jenney, Richard F.
Judy, Dr. Jack - Macroscopic Superconductivity and the Behavior of an Associated Magnetic Field
Kelly, F.
Kortegaard, Birchard L."Bert"
Knopf, P. M.
Krassner, L. A.
Kuehner, C. R.
Krohn, K.
Krupp, R. S.
Langley, K. H.
Lasky, P. H.
Latham, W. N.
Leonard, L. H.
Levine, J. P.
MacFarlane, N. R.
McNear, J. W.
Mayer, I. J.
Meeker, M. E.
Miller, R. I.
Mills, J. E.
Mimno, Pieter
Moffett, D. R.

Moore, W. H.
Myers, G. W.
Newell, P. B.
Parks, J. H.
Patten, R. A.
Peters, A.
Phillips, W. C.
Rood, H. J.
Rosov, A. J.
Russell, J. D.
Simons, R. S.
Strakhov, N. A.
Sprechman, L. R.
Stiening, Rae. F.
Vielehr, Jerome
  -'56 The Design and Construction of a Cryotron Binary Adder
R. W. Zaorski
After serving in the Navy in Korea, Bert Kortegaard attended MIT.  One of his instructors was Dudley Buck. About his education there, Bert said "it changed my life completely, all to the good. It provided the basic skills, motivation, maturity, and the GI Bill which were all essential for this poor Oklahoma kid to get an education."  Bert's website tells us about the Navy, radar, and electronics in the early 1950s.

Student Technicians that worked for Dudley Buck  
Burrer, Gordon J.  '55 - The Electrical Characteristics of the Cryotron  

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